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Enhance customer engagement and retention through games

We create captivating digital experiences that attract, engage, and entertain your users like never before. As a trusted partner in gamification, we use the latest technology, innovative ideas, games and our proprietary game engine to connect fans with the games they love in unique and engaging ways, regardless of industry.

Understanding the Role
of Gamification

Gamification is one of the most effective tools for any business that is aiming to improve customer engagement, retention, and loyalty.

By integrating gaming elements on their platform, businesses can offer their users a more enjoyable and immersive experience and boost engagement metrics like the frequency with which a user opens their app, the length of a usage session, and the activities the user does within the app.

Free-to-play games that will help you build an Engaged Userbase

Whether you are a sportsTech, FoodTech, Blockchain, a reality TV, or a brand looking to connect with its customers, we can help you take customer engagement to a whole new level with our games.

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Customer Engagement Solutions

Fantasy Cricket

Your users can participate in the best international games and the biggest cricket leagues in the world from your app. They have to use their expertise to create a team with the biggest names in Cricket and join different contests for a chance to WIN BIG!

Fantasy Football

Football is more thrilling to watch if you play fantasy football. Allow your users to create their team and compete in the best international tournaments and top leagues from across the globe to show everyone who is the BOSS!

Sports Quiz

Now who doesn't love a quiz? Offer your user a chance to jog their mind about their favourite sport or sportsperson with our fun sport quizzes.

Sports Prediction

Challenge users to showcase their game knowledge. Utilize sports predictions, tasking them to foresee outcomes of forthcoming games or events, all for the opportunity to attain enticing rewards.

Fast Ludo

Ludo is one of the most popular games around the world. Your users can play with each other and win some cool rewards.

Casual Games

Add multiple fun and easy casual games so your user never gets bored. Users can join for free or for a small fee and win prizes based on their performance.

Integrate gaming solutions to your existing platform to elevate user engagement and boost ROI

Fun Contests to Engage

Offer a versatile set of contests - From prediction, quizzes, tournament, multi - games & more.

Incentivize with rewards

Use points or coins as rewards to appreciate your users, Also, set rules to unlock the goodies.

Motivate Social Behaviour

create conversations around your brand. your users can also form teams & compete on the leaderboard.

Diversify your portfolio

Advance into a sweeping new way to tap into an unexplored audience group.

Why Choose Polysports Engage


Our gaming solutions are super efficient and easy to integrate on any platform. We also offer customised solutions to suit different business needs.


Make your platform more inter active for users by offering fun games, predictions and fantasy sports


We always strive to deliver the best possible solutions, backed by our strong expertise and a constant quest to innovate

Enhance the User Experience

Incentivize your users to participate with relevant games by introducing fun, engaging features and unique rewards.

Activate your Audience

Energize customers, empower memorable digital experiences for engagement, lasting retention, and enhanced satisfaction.

Performance and Reliability when it Matters

Web3 API handles blockchain upkeep (forks, upgrades, interruptions). Focus on customers and core business, we manage the rest.

Take Customer Engagement to Next Level

Engage fans, introduce fun features, incentivize participation, and offer unique rewards within the online sports community.

Backed by top Web3 VCs and Angels

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