Power Play: How Brands Are Using IPL Fever to Maximize User Engagement

How Brands Are Using IPL Fever to Maximize User Engagement

The Indian Premier League (IPL) stands as a colossus in the world of sports, boasting unparalleled viewership, sponsorship deals, and revenue streams. With over 505 million television viewers according to the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India, and an additional 449 million digital viewers through Viacom18's streaming rights, the IPL has become a goldmine for brands seeking to maximize their user engagement.

Capitalizing on IPL Buzz: Strategies for Brands

Brands keen on tapping into the IPL frenzy have several avenues to explore:

Direct Association and Sponsorship Deals: Many brands opt to directly associate themselves with the league, teams, or players through sponsorship deals. By aligning with the IPL, brands gain visibility and credibility among cricket enthusiasts. For instance, Cred's Powerplay campaign offers users VIP match tickets and cashback incentives for using the Cred app during the IPL season.

Advertising During IPL: With millions glued to their screens during IPL matches, advertising slots become prime real estate for brands looking to reach a massive audience. Strategic ad placements can significantly boost brand recognition and recall.

Digital and Social Media Campaigns: Brands can run targeted digital and social media campaigns centered around the IPL. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook offer avenues for engaging with fans through quizzes, contests, and interactive posts. Zomato's Prediction League, for example, allowed users to predict match outcomes and win prizes, driving up user engagement and brand visibility.

Expanding Reach with Gamification Solutions

While direct partnerships may not be feasible for all brands due to budget constraints, gamification offers an effective alternative. Fantasy sports and sports prediction games have witnessed explosive growth in India, presenting brands with an opportunity to engage users in a fun and interactive manner.

Introducing Polysports Engage: A Gamification Solution

Polysports Engage provides plug-and-play SDKs and APIs for fantasy sports and sports predictions, allowing brands to seamlessly integrate these games into their platforms. By adding fantasy sports and sports prediction sections to their apps, brands can incentivize user participation with rewards such as points, offers, or vouchers.

Fantasy Sports: Users can create virtual teams comprising real-life athletes and earn points based on their performance in actual matches. Fantasy Sports are very effective in keeping users engaged.

Sports Prediction: Users can forecast game outcomes and player performances. Predicting elements like winning teams, runs scored, and wickets taken adds an extra layer of excitement to the IPL experience.

Benefits for Users and Brands

Integrating gamification solutions during the IPL offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Increased App Engagement: Users are incentivized to spend more time on the app, leading to higher open rates and longer session times.
  • Enhanced Loyalty: Users feel a sense of loyalty towards brands that provide entertainment and rewards, fostering long-term engagement.
  • Influence on User Behavior: By offering vouchers, reward points, and discounts, brands can steer users towards making repeat purchases on their platforms, thereby driving sales and revenue.


As the IPL continues to captivate millions of cricket enthusiasts worldwide, brands have a golden opportunity to leverage this fervor to enhance user engagement. Whether through direct partnerships, advertising, or gamification solutions like fantasy sports and sports prediction games, brands can cement their presence in the hearts and minds of consumers. By embracing the power of IPL fever, brands can score big in the game of user engagement, creating a win-win scenario for both users and brands alike.

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